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Bearings In Common, Everyday Objects

Monday, February 11, 2019

Bearings In Common, Everyday Objects

If you’re unfamiliar with bearings and have visited our website to learn about these important components, you may believe that they are purely for use within an industrial setting. It may then surprise you that the same types of bearings that are so vital for industrial applications, also play an important role in the many products and appliances that you use every day. Nearly everything that has moving parts will require some kind of bearing; from toys and office equipment to common appliances and electronics, bearings are essential for creating a smooth flow of motion.

Bearings in Toys

To keep the fun rolling (or in the case of the ever-popular fidget toys, spinning), any toys with wheels or components that roll or spin, will have ball bearings as part of their design. This applies to many toys that have upheld their popularity over the last few decades, including skateboards, roller-skates, scooters, yo-yos, skipping ropes, fishing rods and remote-controlled cars (there are even bearings in the remote-control itself). In all these toys, bearings allow for high-speed, efficient functionality and safety.

Bearings in Office Equipment

Bearings of all kinds can be found in most standard office equipment. Printers, copiers and fax machines generally use deep-groove ball bearings or needle bearings. In a photocopier, the bearings need to be able to conduct electricity at high temperatures to remove any static, or the copied image will be distorted. There are even tiny ball bearings in the hard drive of your computer! Bearings are also used in heavy-duty filing cabinets as well as general storage equipment.

Bearings in Home Appliances

Since most of the appliances in our homes are stationary, it’s difficult to imagine they would require bearings, but think about the spin-cycle in your washing machine or the rolling drum in your tumble dryer, both these features need bearings for proper operation. Likewise, if these appliances begin to make a concerning noise, it is usually down to a faulty or worn-out bearing. The door on your refrigerator uses bearings, allowing to open and close smoothly on its hinges. Other items in your home that use bearing mechanisms are bar stools, sliding drawers and even your Lazy-Suzan (rotating tray)!

Bearings in Electronics

As with all the previous examples, electronic gadgets such as your DVD or Blu-ray player, video game system, laptop and hard drives, anything that has a spinning or movable component will have various types of bearings to ensure the parts keep functioning correctly. Bearings are such a crucial part of your electronics that without them, they would fail.

So now you understand how important bearings are in applications from every kind of industry. Whatever your next project, you can trust the experts at Bearing Centre to assist you with your exact requirements, however unique. To find out more, contact us today!

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