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An Introduction To Rod End Bearings
Monday, September 30, 2019

Rod end bearings are mechanical joints that, while common and widely used, are essential in nearly all mechanical devices that require mechanical controls. Also known as heim joints (after their North American patent) or rose joints (after their British patent), rod end bearings are typically found in steering links, control rods, and tie rods – basically where any precision articulating joint is required or where a clevis end cannot be used.  ..

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All You Need To Know About Needle Roller Bearings
Monday, September 09, 2019

Needle roller bearings are the smallest and lightest of the roller bearing family, which includes tapered, cylindrical and spherical roller bearings. In recent years, needle roller bearings have become the popular choice for design engineers and are being recognised for their technical advantages within specific applications. Their small, long and thin cylindrical rollers have a high length-to-diameter ratio, like a needle – hence their name.  ..

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Ball Bearing Failure and Prevention
Monday, September 02, 2019

Research into the manufacture and production of ball bearings has proved that only one percent should fail to reach their full-service life expectancy. That’s a very small percentage, which also proves that if your ball bearings fail, there must be a very good reason. Determining the reason for ball bearing failure can prevent future failures and provide essential information for proper planning and maintenance. ..

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