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Extend seal life in high temperature applications

Monday, April 27, 2020

Extend seal life in high temperature applications

Industry standard thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are generally chosen for hydraulic equipment used in high pressure sealing applications. But, when these seals are exposed to very high temperatures, they can warp or even melt, resulting in sealing system and equipment failure, which costs time and money.

The Resilon series of high-performance polyurethane seals from Parker offers excellent sealing performance in high temperature applications. Resilon’s proprietary formula includes a PPDI polymer backbone that sets it above other thermoplastic polymers, with low internal heat build-up and a higher softening temperature, offering greater heat resistance, compression set resistance and resilience.

Resilon 4350 series

Parker’s new Resilon 4350 polyurethane features high temperature nanotechnology to prevent polymer degradation, giving extended seal performance for all applications and temperatures, and saving downtime and money spent on repairs. Its properties allow a 30 percent increase in sealing force in very high operating temperatures and it can endure high temperatures of up to 250°F without failing, as well as temperature spikes up to 300°F.

Comparison tests with competitive products show that Resilon lasted 20 percent longer at operating temperatures of 250°F before leaking, and when leaks did eventually occur, they were minimised by the high sealing force.

Resilon 4350 comes in Parker Preferred Profiles for Fluid Power Seals or custom designed profiles. Seals can be either molded or machined. The series is ideal for injection molding applications, but can also be used for piston seals, rod seals, wipers and O-Rings for a variety of hydraulic cylinders and shock absorbers used on off-road, industrial and construction equipment.

Contact the Bearing Centre team today for more information about Parker’s Resilon series of high-performance polyurethane seals for long sealing life.

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