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How To Change A Trailer Wheel Bearing

Monday, April 10, 2017

How To Change A Trailer Wheel Bearing

Trailer wheel bearings must be changed fairly regularly to keep your trailer running smoothly. As a general rule, if your wheel bearings are noisy, it’s probably time to change them. Take a look at Bearing Centre’s step by step guide on how to change a trailer wheel bearing.

20 Steps To Replacing Your Trailer Wheel Bearing

  1. Remove the trailer’s wheel as normal
  2. On a flat surface, remove the dust cap, cotter pin, adjusting nuts and washers
  3. Carefully pull the hub towards you, so that the outer bearing does not fall out. You will notice that the inner bearing and seal will remain attached to the hub. This is normal
  4. Remove the outer bearings from the hub
  5. Wipe off the old lubricant or grease from the spindle and hub assembly
  6. Clean the hub assembly and spindle with kerosene or solvent. It is best to do this in an empty container to ensure a thorough clean
  7. Using a hammer and punch, remove the inner bearing and seal from the hub
  8. Evenly spread a light coating of grease on the spindle shaft. This will assist the installation and cooling process
  9. Inspect the hub bore and backing shoulder. Use sandpaper to remove any knicks and burrs
  10. Remove the new bearings from the packaging and immediately cover with grease. Be sure to force grease under the cage and between the rollers
  11. Fill the hub’s inside diameter with grease
  12. Pop the inner bearing into the hub
  13. Install the seal, ensuring that the seal lips are facing the right direction. Lightly tap the seal with a hammer to ensure its installed properly, taking care not to damage the seal
  14. Insert the grease packed outer bearing, washer and adjusting nut. Smooth out the grease
  15. Carefully slide the hub assembly back onto the spindle, so that none of the components are damaged
  16. Tighten the adjustment nut as you turn the wheel until there is resistance
  17. Turn the adjustment nut back one quarter of the way with your wrench
  18. Lock the nut with your new cotter pin
  19. Replace the dust cap with the hammer and punch. Ensure that it is securely seated against the hub shoulder
  20. Put the wheel back on the trailer as normal

And that’s it! Pretty simple, right? Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here.

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