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Selecting the Correct Industrial Hose

Monday, April 02, 2018

Selecting the Correct Industrial Hose

Choosing the right type of industrial hose is essential for ensuring that your system works smoothly, so it’s vital that you do enough research and consider all the factors before making a selection. Each industrial plant is different in terms of its environment, applications, people, temperature and climate conditions. All these elements need to be carefully considered when deciding on the most suitable industrial hose. Here, we outline the essential points to take into account before making your final decision.

Maximum Temperature

Depending on the application it’s intended for, an industrial hose is generally used to transfer liquids or gasses at various temperatures. Make sure you know what peak temperatures (maximum and minimum) the hose will have to withstand, and you’ll have a far better idea of what type of industrial hose to purchase.

Fluid Type

Determining the type of fluid that will be transferred through the hose is also an important factor. Is it a liquid, gas or steam and what is its chemical makeup? If the material flowing through the hose contains acids or other aggressive substances, then you will require a hose that is resilient to these conditions.


The material is transferred through a hose using pressure or a vacuum. How much pressure does a liquid, gas or steam require? The thicker the liquid, the more pressure it needs to push through the hose, which would require a more reinforced industrial product to withstand the higher strain on the hose material.

Length and Diameter

Industrial hoses cover various distances between machines, vehicles and factory devices while maintaining a steady flow. Determining the necessary length of the hose is, therefore, an essential part of planning your purchase. This also applies to the inside diameter of the hose which is determined based on the hose’s specific function and the type of material being transferred.

If you’re a manufacturer the uses liquids, chemicals, gasses or steam and you’re in need of the right industrial hose for your specific needs, give the team at Bearing Centre a call today. We will gladly take the guess-work out of your planning and can provide you with best solutions for your intended application. We’re available during and after-hours, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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