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Needle Roller Bearings
Monday, May 08, 2017

Needle roller bearings are a type of roller bearing that contains small cylindrical rollers. These rollers resemble miniature vials in appearance. Similar to other roller bearings elements, needle roller bearings are made of needle rollers, a cage and an outer raceway. Needle roller bearings are unique to the roller bearing family because they have a larger surface area that touches the bearing’s outer surface. Depending on the direction of the load being supported, these bearings can support either radial or axial loads. They are also able to support extreme oscillation and rigidity requirements.  ..

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Everything You Need To Know About Ball Bearings
Monday, January 30, 2017

Most people would be surprised to learn how many machines are in operation because of ball bearings. These seemingly insignificant little objects are crucial elements to the smooth rotation and operation of moving parts. The help reduce friction during rotation by rolling smoothly between two surfaces. Often they are also lubricated with grease or even oil to help the process, but they are effective enough on their own too.  ..

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