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The Benefits of Using Heavy-duty Castors

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Benefits of Using Heavy-duty Castors

Heavy-duty castors feature a particularly stable design and are essential for applications that require strength and durability. They are typically used in the manufacturing industry (cars and boats) as well as for industrial trucks, assembly and transport systems. But apart from their design, why is this type of castor in such demand? The following five points reveal the significant qualities of heavy-duty castors.

1. Load Capacity

Heavy-duty castors have a load capacity ranging from 800kg (0.8 tons) up to 10,000kg (10 tons), making them ideal for transporting industrial loads by road or by sea. Their stable design and versatility enables the castors to tolerate these substantial loads, even when travelling at faster speeds.

2. Wheel Diameters

One of the biggest advantages of using our heavy-duty castors is that they have larger wheel diameters than lighter weight castors, often up to 400mm. This allows the wheels to distribute the weight more evenly, making them easier to roll and far safer to use, even when handling a tricky load.

3. Specialised Tyres & Centres

The ability to fit heavy-duty castors with specialised tyres and centres, allows them to accomplish the job in various types of environments, ensuring maximum stability and safety. For heavy loads that need to traverse rough terrain, where floors might be tiled or uneven, the castors can be fit with polyurethane or heavy-duty rubber tyres and with welded steel or cast-iron centres.

4. Manoeuvrability & Modifications

For the most effective manoeuvrability, castor wheels need to be able to swivel with maximum stability, under immense pressure. There are several swivel wheel variants, including swivel castors, fixed castors or swivel with wheel brakes. To absorb very high loads, twin castors (heavy-duty castors with two wheels) are used and for vibration-free travel, heavy-duty castors are spring-loaded, making them particularly suitable for transporting fragile contents.

5. Traveling Speed

For transporting industrial loads safely and efficiently, it’s essential that the castors can move at speed. Our heavy-duty castors are designed for travelling at speeds of up to 4km/h.

Those are just five of the many reasons that heavy-duty castors are so important. They may be a small item in the grander scale of the manufacturing process but they have a large impact on the speed and efficiency of the workplace. At Bearing Centre, we stock a wide range of castor wheels that suit a multitude of needs and applications. Whatever your requirements, we have a product for you.

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