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The Dangers Of Using Fake Bearings

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Dangers Of Using Fake Bearings

The last thing you want on your mind is a critical operational failure. Bearings are an integral component of most machinery, and a bearing failure could spell disaster for your business. The associated cost in terms of replacing the component and downtime can place undue pressure on your business.

Stop The Circulation Of Fake Bearings

Counterfeit bearings are not only dangerous for your business, but can endanger lives too. This is why it is critical to always ensure you purchase genuine bearings.

There are two main types of fake bearings to look out for:

  • Fake bearings that are made of low quality materials. These fake bearings have the trademark of trusted brands without the guaranteed quality
  • Old bearings that have been cleaned and polished to appear new. Older bearings are particularly dangerous because their lifespan is significantly shorter than the purchaser realises

It is difficult to identify the difference between genuine and counterfeit bearings. Fake bearings are often packaged in the same way as genuine bearings, and are sold at an inflated price.

Inadvertently purchasing fake bearings can happen to the most skilled engineers and technicians. Formula 1 champion Mika Haakkinen famously failed to finish the 1998 San Marino Grand Prix when his gearbox failed because of a fake bearing. Accidently purchasing fake bearings can truly happen to anyone.

The most effective way to stop fake bearings is to only buy bearings from reputable suppliers. Bearing Centre only carries genuine bearings of the highest quality. Visit our product page to find high quality, genuine bearings.

For more information about the dangers of buying fake bearings, take a look at this video by the World Bearing Association.

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