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The illegal market for counterfeit bearings

Monday, May 29, 2017

The illegal market for counterfeit bearings

The production of counterfeit bearings has become big business internationally, and affects all types of bearings. So don’t be deceived.

Counterfeit bearings are cheaply produced, low quality bearings with the branding of high quality bearings. They are usually sold for a price that may seem low, but in fact is much too high for what the consumer is getting.

It’s not always easy to spot a counterfeit bearing. In fact, a counterfeit bearings may appear exactly like the real thing, with very convincing branding, produced with lasers. They are often even packaged in a way that can dupe consumers.

Buying these products is a bad idea. Using counterfeit bearings can cost time and money, as bearings may have to be replaced or could cause problems in your machinery. Buying illegal products can also have serious legal consequences if you use them in products that you repair, sell or hire out. Using these bearings can cause serious accidents if the faulty bearings cause machinery to fail, which could lead to injury, or even death.

In addition, since producing counterfeit products is illegal, by supporting a company that is operating illegally you may be unwittingly contributing to other illegal and/or unethical practices such as poor working conditions and child labour.

The police depend on the public to inform them about companies producing fake bearings, and perform raids regularly. But, since there is a great deal of money to be made in producing fake bearings, as soon as one company is closed down another one pops up. As with any illegal market, as long as there are customers willing to buy the illegal products, there will be illegal companies producing the products.

Protect yourself, and those who rely on you, by buying from authorised distributers such as Bearing Centre, and do your bit to stop the illegal market.


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