A.R. Ismail

A.R. Ismail

"Service. That's really our business. And service is what got us going."

Always Meeting customers needs has been Bearing Centre’s motto from the very beginning. The aim remains to never have a customer leave Bearing Centre without a part in hand. In 1976, company founder A.R. Ismail opened Bearing Centre’s doors in the heart of the city. He delivered the first bearing to a customer who had not yet hung up the phone from placing the order. With limited knowledge and experience, Ismail knew that this was the gap in the industrial market and he knew that various operations required these supplies and the trend was set. Over the years , Ismail built a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the field that is unmatched and to this day Bearing Centre’s commitment to satisfying customers needs continues. Bearing Centre was founded to serve the industrial community on the basis that the “customer’s wants must come first”.

Over the years, this attitude has enabled our brand to grow and expand throughout the region. As the engineering industry grew, so did Bearing Centre. Known as a leading industrial distributor, whose focus is to provide quick delivery through an immense range of high quality international products. Furthermore, we introduced new lines, state-of-the-art technology and continue to provide a one to one service to our customers.

Bearing Centre’s constant evolution is a reflection of our customer’s needs and our eagerness to meet them by adapting.

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