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Abrasion resistance solutions for hydraulic hoses

Monday, March 30, 2020

Abrasion resistance solutions for hydraulic hoses

The majority of hydraulic hose failures occur due to regular abrasion, which can be prevented, ultimately reducing equipment failure and safeguarding workers. Specialised hose shields prolong the life of a hose and are necessary to prevent abrasion damage in hose assemblies.

Parker provides a selection of abrasion resistance products, including hose abrasion sleeves, protection shields and spiral hose guards, as well as the ToughCover, SuperTough and ToughJacket series with built-in abrasion resistant hose covers.

Hose abrasion sleeves

Created for abrasion resistance and for keeping hose assemblies together, one of Parker’s abrasion sleeve products is Partek, a lightweight, urethane-coated nylon sleeve. It has a tubular weave design with smooth walls that enables the hose to move freely inside the sleeve, inhibiting abrasion. Partek can be fitted post-assembly and comes in two versions, allowing you to determine how much abrasion resistance your hose assembly requires – Partek ‘AS’ can bear more than 200,000 abrasion cycles, while Partek ‘PS’ can bear more than 500,000 abrasion cycles.

Hose protection shields

Hose protection shields are a cheaper solution for smaller sections of hose exposed to abrasion. These plastic shields are joined with cable ties and can be easily installed without disconnecting or removing the hose. Avoid using them for larger sections of hose that undergo heavy abrasion.

Spiral hose guards

Protective spiral hose guards, like Parker’s Spring and Armor Guards, will protect hose assemblies exposed to harsh abrasive situations. They also prevent hose kinking and offer crush resistance. In addition, Parker’s polymer spiral wraps, such as the NEXWRAP chafe guard, ParKoil spiral wrap and PolyGuard heavy-duty hose protector, can be attached to existing hose assemblies

Abrasion resistant hose covers

Parker’s built-in abrasion resistant hose covers offer superior protection for heavy-duty hydraulic applications, such as over-the-sheave and high friction environments. The ToughCover series is made from synthetic rubber and is 80 times more abrasion resistant than Parker’s standard rubber cover, SuperTough offers 450 times more resistance and ToughJacket is 650 times more resistant.

Which is best?

Use hose sleeves or guards for:

  • Applications with less severe abrasion to save money.
  • Where there are fewer areas that need abrasion protection.
  • Where you need to add or remove the sleeve or guard to an existing assembly.

Use built-in abrasion resistance for:

  • Confined spaces.
  • Where hose assemblies must be light and compact.
  • Applications that need heavy-duty abrasion protection.

Contact the Bearing Centre team to find out which abrasion resistance solution is best for your equipment and application.

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