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Loosen rusted parts easily

Monday, March 16, 2020

Loosen rusted parts easily

Metal parts and equipment that have been exposed to the elements over time often become rusted and frozen. The rust and other deposits build up with age, misuse or neglect. These stuck parts make what should be a routine repair or replacement job a nightmare. A wrench could work on its own, or, if that doesn’t work, you could try a drill, hammer or chisel – but this all takes time and effort. In addition, all this struggling can end up in broken part, equipment or injury.

Use the secret weapon

How can you free rusty nuts and bolts efficiently? It is better to use a penetrant or lubricant that is designed to get into narrow spaces to loosen stuck parts. A penetrating oil is a must-have for any mechanic’s toolbox. Gasoila’s Free-All penetrating oil spray has been used by mechanics for over 40 years to get the job done fast. While other penetrating oils use lubricants to loosen parts, Free-All is formulated with a special rust-eating agent that actually removes the layers of rust, carbon, lead and other deposits. As a result, Free-All works instantly to free frozen parts.

Here’s how easy it is to use: Spray the oil liberally onto the affected area and allow a few minutes for penetration before loosening the part. An added bonus is that Free-All will continue to protect against rust. It can be reapplied if needed.

How it works

  • The low-viscosity oil penetrates deep between threads. 
  • The special ingredients actually ‘eat’ the rust. 
  • The product loosens red and white lead, grease, tar, carbon and graphite deposits. 
  • The formula works fast – a mobile ‘seeking agent’ delivers the lubricant faster and more thoroughly than most solvents, which results in more lubricant being administered before the solvent evaporates. 
  • Free-All contains more lubricant by volume than its competitors, giving more loosening action to the frozen part. 
  • The rust-eating ingredient is a refined, naturally occurring substance that creates its own lubricating film, preventing evaporation before the job is done.

Free-All is silicone-free so safe for paint and shop environments. It is ideal for automotive, plumbing, marine and general industrial applications. Include Rust-All in your toolbox and make wrestling with old, rusted parts a thing of the past.

Contact the Bearing Centre team today for more information about Free-All and how it can help you in your workshop.

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